Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Vince Young Has Your Back Mr. Roby

Training camp fights happen every year in the NFL. It is as much a certainty as rookie holdouts and false Patriots' injury reports. What isn't as common as training camp fights though, are training camp fights involving a franchise player. That is exactly what happened at Titans camp on Wednesday, as Vince Young took exception to a nasty hit applied to TE Courtney Roby by safety Donny Nickey. Here is the video of the altercation (Video via NewsChannel;

So that you don't think that Vince Young is completely overreacting in this situation, here is a bit of context on the fight;

"A play earlier, Nickey had leveled receiver Joel Filani with a clean hit in the middle of the field as Filani jumped to try to corral a pass."

This might have been one thing if Nickey was a big time player, but we are talking about a guy who primarily plays special teams. For a guy like that to put a big hit on a WR, put a dirty hit on a TE, and then try to fight the franchise QB...well, lets just say Mr. Nickey better hope that the Titans' roster cuts are kind this year.

As for Vince Young? It would always be bad for a QB to throw a punch with his throwing hand, but also consider the fact that Young is on the cover of the upcoming Madden 2008. Given the history of the Madden Curse he is lucky he didn't shatter his hand into a million pieces on Nickey's helmet.

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Pacman Jonesin' said...

I love Vince's fire... hopefully Brody Croyle has that in him.

Cleveland rocks said...

What kind of pussies complain about CLEAN, hard hits in football camp? I guess those on the margin, as you intimate Nickey is, should just shrink into the background and hope the coaches will like them anyway.