Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Black Flag Is Your New Anti-Hero

I have a confession. I don't really follow NASCAR that much. I will watch a race here and there, and they can be enjoyable, but the sport has never really captivated me in the same way as the Big Three sports. Well my friends, that may well have changed. I now have a favorite NASCAR driver, and his name is Robby Gordon.

Why Robby Gordon you might ask? He has cajones, that is why. He is a BAMF, as it were. Just look at what happened at this weekend's Busch Series race. I'll let Robby's wikipedia page recap the action for you:

"2007 Montreal Incident
During the inaugural NAPA Auto Parts 200 at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Gordon was involved in an on-circuit altercation with fellow driver Marcos Ambrose. Gordon passed Ambrose to take the lead at the same time as a multi-car wreck was unfolding behind them; Ambrose spun him, under a yellow flag, to reclaim it seconds later. After an unusually long delay in sorting out the field for the restart, NASCAR eventually determined that Gordon would restart in 13th position. Gordon, who had a strong race all day, refused to go to that position, and was black flagged after the restart, and after spinning out Ambrose. Gordon did not come in for his penalty and was subsequently disqualified and given the final finishing position of 18th. Following the race, Gordon proceeded to do burnouts on the front straightaway as if celebrating his victory, alongside race winner Kevin Harvick. He announced in a post-race interview that he would appeal the result of the race. However, NASCAR suspended Gordon for the following day's race at Pocono. In a statement released soon after the NASCAR announcement, Gordon apologized for his actions but maintained that NASCAR made a mistake in telling him to line up in the 13th position."

In case the words aren't enough for you, here is the video featuring both spin-outs and the dueling burnouts:

I have to admit, I think this is awesome. If you watch the video it is pretty obvious that Robby was cheated out of first place on the caution by Ambrose, so why not take back that pound of flesh back? NASCAR already has its pretty boy in Jeff Gordon and who better to be "Bizarro Jeff Gordon" than a guy with the same surname? And don't think that Robby is just a flash in the pan; he also had my all-time favorite NASCAR incident back in 2005 when he walked on the track like a mad man to chuck his helmet at Michael Waltrip after Waltrip crashed him. Here is the video:

WTB salutes you Robby Gordon, and we will do our best to make sure your sweet new nickname spreads like wildfire; Black Flag.

(By the way...I made that graphic.)

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Jonathan said...

Hank, I agree with your comments. There are lots of us Robby fans who feel the same.
There are fans of other drivers that dislike him because they think he's a hothead. Often his passion for racing and his strong desire to win cause him to be cast as an outsider. Robby seems to have a strong sense of what is right and wrong and unfortunately there always seems to be a lot wrong with NASCAR which results in lots of frustration for him at times. The fact that he is not afraid to stick up for what he thinks is right makes him different from most of the other drivers. I hope you will be a supporter for a long time to come.

carrie said...

Hey Hank,

Welcome to the Robby fan club. We're a nice, fun bunch and our driver is never boring.

Case in point, guess who Robby has offered a ride at the Cup series Watkins Glen race in the 2nd RGM entry? Why, it's Marcos Ambrose. How frickin' cool is that?

Of course, NASCAR has to "think" about allowing it and they have yet to update the entry list for the race yet. We'll see if we let it happen. Robby most certainly won't have any recourse if they don't since he's on super-duper triple secret probation and won't be able to lodge a protest if they don't.

Thanks for the great entry!