Thursday, July 5, 2007

An Interview With Alice (The Snorg Girl)

We have all seen her. We all love her. She is Alice (The Snorg Girl), the undisputed queen of sports blog advertising. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for us, and I must warn you: don't read this unless you are ready to have an even bigger crush on her. She is pretty much awesome.

WTB: First of all, how did you get involved with Snorg? Do you have any future plans with the company?
Alice: I got involved with Snorg through my older brother Rad. He is good friends with the guys that do Snorg Tees and they needed a model and some how my name got brought up to do it and it just kind of went from there. As far as future plans go, I will be modeling t-shirts for them as long as they’ll have me.

WTB: Was it strange the first time you saw yourself in an ad?
Alice: You have no idea. I’ve only seen one once when I was by myself and I freaked out. A few others times I’ve been with my friends when they see it and they make me come over and look at it. The whole thing is still quite strange for me.

WTB: Does Snorg give you a ton of free shirts?
Alice: Of course! That’s the best part about modeling for them. I love t-shirts too so it makes me very happy.

WTB: Do you get recognized in public since you began modeling? Do people at your college know about your work?
Alice: I do get recognized which is so strange for me, I guess I don’t realize how many people see the ad. A lot of people will give me that look like they’ve seen me before but only a few have actually come up to me. People are so nice about it though, it’s so weird to have someone say they are a fan of you. I’m like I just laugh and get pictures taken of me why are you a fan of me?

WTB: What do your friends and family think of your internet fame? Do they give you a hard time about it?
Alice: My friends love that I’m an “internet celebrity”. I mean its fun to have this ad pop up while you’re on myspace, facebook, etc. and say wow that’s one of my friends! One of my best friends from school, Betsy, brags about it all the time to people. It just makes me laugh.

WTB: As a sports blogger I can tell you that you have quite a fan base in the sports blog world. Were you aware of this? And do you read any sports blogs?
Alice: I had no idea actually. I don’t really read any blogs about myself. I did a couple times because I’m not going to lie it can be a real confidence booster when I’m having a bad day but some people are just mean. They say I have a lazy eye and buck teeth. I don’t have a lazy eye my eyes are just huge and as far as the buck teeth go I love my teeth…they are unique. Oh I have also read about how fat I am, I guess it’s not ok to be a model and weigh more than 100 pounds…screw that though I love food!

WTB: Do you consider yourself a sports fan? Are you a fan of a particular team or player?
Alice:I am definitely a sports fan! I am a HUGE Andruw Jones fan. I love the braves, always have, and I have always loved Andruw. He’s one of my top 5 favorite people that I don’t actually know. And of course I am an Auburn football fan as well.

WTB: Did you play any sports growing up?
Alice: I was such a big tomboy growing up. I was playing a different sport every season, and I would play football with the boys on my block. I played soccer for 12 years, tennis for about 3 years, basketball for a couple years, and I was on the neighborhood swim team for a long time as well. I just love playing any sport really. I like ultimate Frisbee and I just recently got into volleyball. I have always been really athletic.

WTB: Yankees or Red Sox?
Alice: I HATE the Yankees so I guess Red Sox.

WTB: What do you see yourself doing for a career?
Alice: I really have no clue. I am a Communications major right now so we will see where that takes me. I could see myself as a sports broadcaster…I would love to be on TV. I feel like there are so many jobs out there I don’t even know about. We’ll see what happens.

WTB: What do you like to do for fun?
Alice: I really like reading. I’m kind of a closet reader. I love reading Harry Potter, and the last book is coming out this month, I’m freaking out. I also really like any kinds of arts and crafts. I need to get back into painting, I love painting. I have the best family and I have a blast just hanging out with them. I have fun friends too, so even if I’m sitting around with them doing nothing we have a good time.

WTB: Are you involved with any clubs or organizations?
Alice: Not really. I was in high school big time. I need to get involved in something I feel passionate about, I already have an idea of some volunteer work I want to do this year.

WTB: What websites do you frequent?
Alice: Mostly just facebook. It’s quite addictive. I like Harry Potter websites too.

WTB: What is the last movie you saw?
Alice: Last move I saw…I watched Home Alone last night. The last movie I saw in theaters was Evan Almighty, I didn’t really like it. But I saw Knocked Up earlier in the summer and it was hilarious, I loved it!

WTB: Finally, the question that could break a million hearts...single?
Alice: Yes actually. I am indeed single. I do like a guy right now but he is being stupid at the moment so we’ll see what happens with that.

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Captain Caveman said...

Nice job, WTB.

And congrats, Alice. Be prepared for levels of scary Internet stalkers you never thought possible.

p.s. Hermione dies.

Bethlehem Shoals said...

And they say there's no intrepid in blogging.

Chimpanzee Rage said...

How many people will run to find her on facebook now...oh wait, just me? Crap...

Pity Da Fool said...

Nice scoop, man. And it is nice to know the person behind the face, if you will, is a ray of sunshine. Keeps me thinking this whole blogosphere thing is nice and innocent.

Hank Worrell said...

I think "ray of sunshine" is about right.

Scrumtrulescent said...

soooooooooo hot, want to touch the heiney! And such a cute name. She looks like she never gets mad, just gets that pouty face then laughs

Jack Cobra said...

I do like a guy right now but he is being stupid at the moment so we’ll see what happens with that

Stupid guy, stupid stupid guy.

Unsilent Majority said...

+1 CC

Rob I said...

I love the Snorg girl! I love talking about her! Whee!

Doberman on the Diamond said...

That guy being stupid? He's gay. I'm sorry, but there is no other explanation for that.

BOHChris said...

I added the Snorg ad not for the revenue, but just because I wanted to see her glowing face when I load my site.

Rupert Entwistle said...

Awesome work Hank and cheers to Alice. You'll make a great sportscaster. Keep buttering up these sports bloggers and you will be well on your way.

Adoration via Wonkette said...

All hail the Snorg Queen, magnificent babe par excellence. And yes, very very stupid non-boyfriend.

P.S. Yes, Hermione dies, but then so does most everyone. Snape seduces Hagrid to the Dark Side, then Hagrid goes postal and wipes out half the school, including all the main protagonists. Then Voldemort moves into Dumbledore's old apartments at Hogwarts and takes Hagrid and Snape as his concubines. Jealousy, comic rivalry and good-natured hijinks ensue. Also, musical numbers.

Ivana said...

Whassat? I totally love Auburn, big eyes, and "Home Alone" is totally my fave movie.

Call me, kk?

More Credible said...

That's quality stuff.

But what I really want to know, was that really Alice? Or did you interview your mom... who happens to be named Alice too?

God, she's just way too perfect. Someone should write a blog about how this "stupid" guy should get punished.

Hank Worrell said...

It is indeed the real Alice. We are facebook buddies, so I messaged her about doing it and she said yes.

MCBias said...

I like how you kept it classy and asked good questions. Interviews are tough to get right. Good work.

Stan Gable said...


you are very lucky. most bloggers would envy the opportunity to interview such an icon. I think we've made $0.00 of Snorg Tees, but just seeing her smile on my site is enough for me.

have a good weekend.

William said...

I'm not sure which I like more, that the Snorg T ad on the side of the interview featured Alice as I was reading the interview ABOUT Alice...or that Shoals commented (Free Darko is my current opiate of choice).

BTW, the HP synopsis was spot on, especially the musical numbers. Sweetness & light!
-William de Worde

Lillian said...

She is too cute and makes me wish I were back in college, and I hated college! Go Alice, you are awesome.

Anonymous said...

There's a thread about this chick in the something awful forums right now.

Oh yeah and she's hot at fuck

Gophergutz said...

War Eagle.
And seriously, she's awesome. I'm going to buy a t-shirt right now just because she's so awesome.

J Money said...

Snorg girl makes my pants tighter.

Anonymous said...