Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You Can Party With Daequan

Is your dream in life to be right next to a person when they experience one of the most embarrassing moments of their life? If so, Thursday just might turn out to be your lucky day. Daequan Cook is hosting a draft party at the Holiday Inn in Dayton, OH, and the good news is that it is open to the public! Well, open to the public which choose to pay $20 to get into the party. So what will you get for your $20 other than possibly seeing firsthand the dissapointment of an early entry candidate dropping out of the first round?

"It will be a light atmosphere," said Dunbar assistant coach Albert Powell, who has helped Cook through the draft process. "There will be finger food, soft drinks and a big-screen TV."

Finger food!!! Score! The other aspect of this story that I loved were the two tidbits of expert analysis that the Dayton Daily News decided to throw in:

In ESPN The Magazine, Chad Ford shows Cook going No. 30 to Philadelphia, accompanied by text saying, "He's got springs, range ... and no clue on how to play the game" and also that Cook has a "weak work ethic and massive ego."

On ESPN Radio on Monday, ex-college coach Fran Fraschilla said he wouldn't draft Cook in the first round unless he had a "gun to his head."

There you go, that's the way to hype up your hometown hero!

Ballhype: hype it up!

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