Thursday, June 14, 2007

Presidents Don't Flip Flop: They Bobble

I was perusing the Nationals home schedule looking for a game or two to go to this summer (Read: planning when to visit my girlfriend), when I came across these absolutely wonderful bobbleheads that the Nats are going to be giving out at various games this summer. Now normally I am not too impressed with ballpark promotions, but something about these bobbleheads highly entertains me. Each one of the four bobbleheads is funny in its own little way. George Washington has the oddest little straight lipped smirk you'll ever see, Thomas Jefferson has a woman's lips and looks ready to punch someone, Abe Lincoln's head looks like a serial killer that has been living in the woods for years, and Teddy Roosevelt...well, old Teddy reminds me a bit of manic and double chinned version of the Hamburglar.

If you are interested in any of these bobbleheads be forewarned that they are all being given away during "Premium Games" for the Nats, also known as "Nights Were We Charge You More Money Because We Are Giving You *Free* Stuff". So if you are willing to pony up $4-$5 extra for one of these tickets, here are the nights when these puppies are being distributed:

George Washington, July 4th, Vs. Cubs
Thomas Jefferson, August 4th, Vs. Cardinals
Abe Lincoln, August 18th, Vs. Mets
Teddy Roosevelt, September 1st, Vs, Giants

Ballhype: hype it up!

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