Monday, June 11, 2007

Joakim Doesn't Like Jordan...Or Bloggers

Just a day after the story broke about Joakim Noah's comments that he "hated Michael Jordan", it seems that he has found another avenue for his disdain. Namely, people like me. People that write blogs. How so you might ask? Well, in a story in Sunday's Charlotte Observer Noah had some interesting things to say about mock drafts, and where they had him projected. A sampling:

"I think mock drafts are a complete joke," Noah said when told several mock drafts link him to the Charlotte Bobcats. "I heard a couple of guys who make the mock drafts are kids in basements. You read what these guys say, and they have no idea what they're talking about."

Ah, classy Joakim, classy. Just bring out the tired old "Kid in the basement" stereotype. Terribly original of you. As for his assertation that bloggers do not have any idea what they are talking about, that is completely foolish. In today's age of free flowing information it is very simple for even the most casual fan to peruse every NBA team's roster, depth chart, and salary cap numbers and be able to form an educated opinion of a team's needs. I can also tell you with a great degree of certainty that most any of the "kids" doing mock drafts could inform Noah of one salient fact: that he blew a chance at the #1 spot by not leaving last year, and that by staying in he exposed his lack of a jumpshot and lack of consistency on the offensive end of the floor. But hey, what do I know, I'm just a kid with no idea what I'm talking about.


Mike said...

I agree with him, even on the kid in a basement crack. First, most bloggers are men 18-30 who are either at work or at home; so, they are not in their basement, but it's a figure of speech.

Secondly, I used to hate when players say, "What does he know, he's never played the game before."

But after interning with a pro team, I've realized that "we" really don't have a good idea. It's great to know all the stats, measurements, and sabermetrics that can be readily obtained on the Internet. However, don't you think it'd help to know how to conventionally scout from a Leo Papille or a Scott Piolli or any old-time baseball scout? There's something to be learned there that "we" can't obtain sitting in our basements.

So to an extent, I agree with Noah.

Hank Worrell said...

While I certainly agree with you about baseball, I would still contend that the average fan has the ability to form a decent mock draft in basketball for a couple of reasons:

1. The roster is smaller than in baseball and it is easier to assess team needs.
2. Unlike baseball, most fans will have seen most of the top prospects in action during the college basketball season.

So I concede the point to you on baseball, but will have to respectfully disagree on basketball and even football. I mean, a lot of bloggers normally have more accurate mocks than THE expert on the NFL draft, Mel Kiper.

More Credible said...

Hmmmm, I go to UF and believe it or not I know Noah on a personal level than most people. He doesn't hate "bloggers", hell, he has one of his own. He would be completely hypocritical if he said that.

Ben said...

...but to be don't live in a basement.

Brian Harrison said...

I love it when athletes bag on a bloggers and then a blogger then proceeds to smack them via the typed word. Good job friend!